ICG Insights

ICG Insights

Each month ICG will be bringing you fresh and unique information related to your insurance and benefit needs. Our goal is to help your business and family affairs run more efficiently, by not only ensuring you have proper coverage, but also by connecting you with other areas of business that help your organization grow and prosper. At ICG we see this as an opportunity to educate individuals and corporations on how to maximize the benefits of proper risk management and how to utilize it as a tool to increase security, build wealth and protect your family and business.

With the ever changing insurance and benefits environment, diverse product features, and laws surrounding this important part of your business and life we intend to bring a fresh approach to helping you navigate its complexities. Why is being available for a client call or email so elusive to most agencies? We are not sure, but we’re certain you will feel well served by our dedicated, professional and responsive staff.

How can ICG help your firm? ICG recently helped an established law firm review their existing insurance portfolio. After a comprehensive review ICG professionals found that the law firm had several gaps in their coverage, an excessive deductible on two separate policies, and was paying too much for a sub-par insurance program. ICG helped to reshape their program by decreasing their deductibles, placing their insurance with more reputable carriers, and saving them over 10% on their overall insurance premium.

As the economy nudges forward in fits and starts ICG is prepared to make world class carriers and products available to our diverse clientele. Whether you are a restaurant, service business, technology business or one of the hundreds of other related industries, you can be certain our experience will guide you appropriately to meet your goals.

Please check back frequently to get the latest information to help you run your business and life with more security and safety than you ever thought imaginable.